Pacific Foods

Pacific Foods

Pacific Foods are one of USA’s  leading producers of natural and organic non-dairy beverages, broths and stocks. 

If you’re lactose intolerant or allergic to milk protein, you can enjoy all our healthy non-dairy beverages in everything from your morning coffee to all your cooking needs.  Our non-dairy beverages are organic, gluten free, Kosher and Vegan.  

The essential panty staple, you can always have slow cooked organic stock and bone broth on hand.  Rich and full of flavour, use as a base for soups, risottos and pasta dishes.

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While all efforts have been made to ensure that ingredient listings are accurate, up to date and complete for products on the Wholesome Home website, suppliers may change formulations on short notice. Please check ingredient listings on the actual product before use. Packaging design may vary subject to stock availability.